Factory Tour: The Everyday Short

Factory Tour: The Everyday Short


Posted April, 2017

Location: San Francisco, California
Founded: 1996
Employees: 30
Product: The Everyday Short

Myles began three years ago with the idea to design a better pair of gym shorts, and a drive two miles down the road from our office in San Francisco to a garment manufacturer on the south side of town. That’s where the concept for our best-selling Everyday Short became a reality.

The factory was founded in 1996 by Katherine and Hudson, a wife and husband team who now manage a staff of 30 talented fabric cutters and sewers. We visit the facility weekly (often unannounced—sorry, Katherine!) to work with the team on production, quality control, and to learn all the lessons we can from their 20-plus years of experience producing excellent apparel. They’re as quick to offer advice as they are to send us back to the office with a snack for our crew.

We’re very proud to clothing right here in California. Most importantly, we know it’s being made under safe working conditions and every person who has a hand in the final product is being paid a fair and livable wage. We also believe that working closely with our partners makes for a better product. It allows us to work with them on small decisions and adjustments that add up to big improvements over time.

Our goal is to make the best activewear possible and to do more good than harm. That starts with working with skilled and ethical partners, and we feel very fortunate to have found one right in our backyard.





Singh, the floor manager at our factory, has personally overseen the packing of over 100,000 pairs of our Everyday Short and never missed a single unit.