The first pair you'll grab after laundry day, newly redesigned for added durability and comfort

Naturally odor resistant, moisture wicking and breathable, merino wool is what you get when Mother Nature makes a performance fabric. These socks are made for forget-they’re-there comfort whether you’re running for a PR or to catch a flight. Made with premium Italian construction and now redesigned with anti-abrasion nylon, extra cushioning in the toe and heel, breathable mesh on top of the foot, and a reinforced midsole for the perfect fit with no slipping or blisters.

  • Naturally Antimicrobial & Moisture Wicking Merino Wool
  • Now Redesigned with Anti-Abrasion Nylon Cushioning in Toe & Heel
  • Keeps Cool in the Heat & Warm in the Cold
  • Breathable Mesh Paneling On Top Of Foot
  • Reinforced Midsole To Prevent Sliding
  • Made in Italy
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