A Convenient Face Covering For All You Do

As usual at Myles, we find beauty in simplicity. We have worn all sorts of face coverings this year and found ourselves going back most often to a lightweight, quick drying, seamless gaiter. So we decided to make a couple of our own! This all poly fabric is light enough for easy breathing, protective enough to go anywhere these days, and super easy to care for. It’s UPF 15 sun protective, and stretchy and durable enough to work in almost any configuration you choose, from facemask, to headband, to scrunchy, if that’s your thing. Our Landscape colorway features an original Myles photo from the Sawtooth Wilderness, recolored by our designer and printed on performance fabric. The Fog with Logo keeps it clean, with just enough color pop to also keep things interesting.

  • Quick Drying Poly
  • UPF 15 Sun Protection
  • Lightweight, Breathable, Packable
  • Seamless Construction is Durable, Comfortable
  • Wash Cold, Dries Flat
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