Free with purchase of any swim short—a handy bag for the beach or pool

We love this color, we really do. We wanted it as a Seacliff Swim Short. Problem is, it just didn’t work out as a swim short. But rather than throw away all the fabric and materials, we took a cue from our friends at The Renewal Workshop and decided to repurpose this into a handy, durable bag for you to take on your swim trips. Toss in your sunglasses, sunscreen, pocket translator if you’re in a foreign country, and a pack of breath mints. Or, put your damp swimsuit in it before you pack up your weekender to keep your other clothes from getting wet. This swim fabric dries unbelievably fast, stretches well to hold a decent amount of gear or your trunks, and is brightly colored so it’s easy to find in your bigger beach tote.

  • Made From our Four-Way Stretch Swim Short Material
  • Insanely Quick Drying
  • Perfect Size for Swim Trips
  • Drawstring for Secure Closure

FREE with purchase of any swim short. This bag will automatically be added to cart with a 100% discount when you add any pair of Sutro Swim Trunk or Seacliff Swim Short.