Cheers to Shower Beer

Myles Apparel Journal: A Tribute to Shower Beer


By Lincoln Eather

Some guys pound a post-workout protein shake. Others favor sports drinks. Us? We’ll take a shower beer.

Is there a more perfect combination than an cold brew and a hot show after a hard workout?

Let's set it straight though: We’re talking about a quick beer here—not sitting in the shower with a case of the good stuff, drinking to the point you can’t tell that the water has run cold. Moderation is the name of the game.

And while we believe the shower beer best serves as a reward for a job well done, it serves many other purposes. When you're running late for a night out, a quick beer while you wash up leaves you feeling sprightly clean and ready to conquer the evening ahead. Or if the weekly grind is wearing you down, a few sips in the shower is a great escape.

There’s just no better feeling than the simple pleasure of cracking open a cold one while you rinse off. And it seems we’re not alone in this belief. There’s an entire community on Reddit devoted to the power of the shower beer. The pastime even has it’s own website.

Do yourself a favor and try it the next time you work up a sweat. You earned it.


Myles Apparel Journal: A Tribute to Shower Beer

Cheers to the best recovery drink known to man!