Myles Must-Reads

Myles Must-Reads

Way back in the 17th century, English essayist Joseph Addison said, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Nowadays, thanks to audiobooks the two can go hand in hand. Long runs and workouts are a great time to put a dent in your book list, though we still prefer the old-fashioned paperback. We'll periodically share a few page-turners that have caught our interest as a source of information, inspiration, or simply a great story.


Pre: The Story of America's Greatest
Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine

By Tom Jordan

Few athletes left their mark on the sports world quite like Steve Prefontaine. His success and style on the track helped push running into the mainstream in the 1970s and his legacy is still felt to this day, over 40 years after his tragic death at the age of 24. Pre showed that running could be more than a repetitive exercise, but a form of meditation and even self expression. 





By Michael Pollan

Full disclosure: we skipped reading this one and instead binged on the four-part Netflix docu-series based on the book. Pollan provides a fascinating history lesson in how civilization has been built by advancements in food preparation, and a compelling argument for how returning to some of these cooking habits can improve our health today. Our two favorite takeaway: 1) Try eating only what you cook yourself for a week and see how it improves your diet. 2) We really want to barbecue a whole pig.



SPARK: The Revolutionary New
Science of Exercise and the Brain

By John J. Ratey

This is one of those books that takes something we inherently know, but still manages to explain it in an enlightening way. Anyone who strives to be active realizes that you feel better when you exercise. But you probably never knew just how much breaking a sweat improves your mental health. Keep this one on your nightstand as a reminder of why you force yourself out of bed for that morning run.