#MyMyles: Beach Run

#MyMyles: Beach Run

John Bobey is a writer/producer whose work includes The Today Show, Huffington Post, Saturday Night Live, and The Late Show with David Letterman. He recently moved from New York City to Venice Beach and adjusted his wardrobe accordingly, including picking up a pair of the Myles Everyday Short. This is how he puts them to work.

Perhaps the best thing about moving from New York City to Venice Beach is being able to start my days with a beach run. Actually, scratch that—the best thing is being able to eat tacos at every meal, but the beach run does help me be do that and still fit into a size large in the Everyday Short.

I’d logged plenty of miles at the gym and in Central Park back east, but those workouts pale in comparison to running in soft sand. To me, it feels like setting my calves on fire while seagulls mock me, and it’s entirely possible that I’ve fallen down one or two or eleven times. My friend Dylan says that’s because the soft sand challenges the “stabilizing” muscles in my ankles, knees, and yes, quivering calves. Dylan is a trainer who looks like a cross between a MMA fighter and the Silver Surfer. Each of his abs has its own six-pack (you see where I’m going here).

I’ve always been more adept with kettle corn than kettlebells, but I’m looking to make new friends, and I believe making Dylan run next to me—in public—humbles him appropriately. (Plus, he knows CPR.) The other great thing about a beach run is that when you’re done, it’s refreshing to cool down by diving (or collapsing, whatever) into the Pacific. Fortunately, lifeguards are on duty and the restorative power of strong coffee is close at hand…

John Bobey is a writer living in Los Angeles, and can be reached at johnbobey@gmail.com.