Make Moves: The Ski Workout

Make Moves: The Ski Workout

While half the country has been pounded by snow this winter, the ski season has been almost nonexistent near Myles HQ in Northern California. But with three weeks left until spring, we're keeping hope alive for more powder by staying in shape for the slopes. We asked Myles Man Tom Hamdani of CrossFit Alinea to design a workout that would have us ready in case the snow gods ever decide to let up on New England and smile down upon the Sierra Nevadas. His three-movement routine focuses on leg strength and core stability to prepare you for the twisting forces brought on by powering down pillow runs. “This workout is nice because there’s lots of time between movements so you can really focus on technique,” Tom says.

15 minutes

• Two dumbbells (pick a weight you can comfortably overhead press 10 times)
• A timer (we recommend the Interval Timer app)

This is an Every Minute On the Minute workout (EMOM), meaning you start Movement 1 at the start of the first minute and rest for the remainder of the minute when you're done. Repeat with Movement 2 in the second minute, and Movement 3 in the third minute, and keep going through the circuit until the clock runs out. You can vary the intensity by setting the timer for longer or using heavier weights.

Complete each movement as quickly as possible while maintaining perfect form.

Myles Apparel Journal Ski Workout Tom Hamdani CrossFit Alinea Walking Lunges

1. Walking Dumbbell Lunges (16 reps) 

- Step slightly to the side to maintain balance

- Keep your shin vertical under the knee and your torso straight

- Lightly tap knee on the ground

    Coach's Note: “These build good leg strength and stability at the same time, and you don’t need to go heavy with a lunge. You can get sore even with no weight”


    2. Man Makers (3 reps)

    - Start with the dumbbells on the floor

    - Do a pushup

    - Widen feet and perform a row with each arm without twisting your body

    - Stand up while keeping back straight and push press dumbbells overhead

    Coach's Note: “I like these because it’s a compound motion. You’ve got a push, you’ve got a pull, and you’ve got a press.”


    3. Hollow Rocks (15 reps)

    - Lay on the ground with feet together, toes pointed, and hands over head

    - Lift legs and arms slightly off the ground

    - Rock whole body back and forth without letting heels or hands touch the ground

    - Press small of back into floor by squeezing abs and pushing ribs down

    Coach's Note: “Keep your entire body tight. This move is pure core strength.”


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