Make Moves: The Park Bench Workout

Make Moves: The Park Bench Workout

Myles Apparel Park Bench Workout Plank Walk

Sometimes the gym is the last place we want to be, no matter how motivated we are to break a sweat. When given the choice, we much prefer to make moves outdoors. There's a Spartan appeal to choosing the trail over the treadmill and utilizing everyday objects as exercise machines. With that in mind, we asked Myles Man Tom Hamdani, co-owner and coach at CrossFit Alinea, to design this full-body workout, which can be done anywhere there's a bench or ledge.  

12-20 minutes

• A bench or ledge
• A timer (we recommend the Interval Timer app)

Complete as many repetitions as possible of each exercise in 1 minute. Complete the circuit 3-5 times, resting 1 minute between each circuit.

Myles Apparel Park Bench Workout Explosive Step-Ups

1. Explosive Step-Ups

- Place entire foot on bench

- Explode up, catch some air, and land on opposite foot

- Repeat back and forth while keeping feet flat on the bench and ground

    Coach's Note: "Make sure to stand up straight when you step up. You want full range of motion in your hips."

    Myles Apparel Park Bench Workout Wall Sit

    2. Wall Sit

    - Push back against back or side of the bench, or a nearby wall or tree

    - Keep hips and knees at the same with thighs parallel to the ground

    - Hold for as much of the minute as you can

      Coach's Note: "This is a classic isometric exercise that builds thigh strength."

      Myles Apparel Park Bench Workout Plank Walk

      3. Plank Walk

      - Place feet on bench with hands on the ground 

      - Tighten core to keep heels, hips, and head in a straight line

      - Lift your right hand and right foot at the same time to "walk" toward the other end of the bench

        Coach's Note: "Focus on resisting the twisting motion created when you pick your hand and foot up." 


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